18 to 35 Months

Laughter, jumping to worship music, and catching bubbles as they float through the air are characteristic of the toddler class. This bright and vibrant class is all about fun times, playing, and friendship centered on laying a foundational understanding of God and His great love for your kids.

In this class, your children will learn through Bible stories and engaging activities appropriate to their development. Repetition and motions will draw your kids into worship and games and activities keep them moving and active.

1-2yr room

Our trusted and trained teachers and assistants are skilled in helping you find ways to ease the transition into class, enabling you to leave your child with confidence that they will experience God in a fun, safe, engaging, God-centered environment. 

If your child should need you during service, you will receive a page direct to your cell phone asking you to return to your child's classroom.

Curious about what to do if your child is sick? Try reading more about the Blue Sky Kids Health Policy.


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