3rd-5th Grade at Home

We're going back in-person!

Blue Sky Kids Program will be going back in-person starting Sunday, February 21st!

We're so thankful for all of you joining us online this year from your living room. It's been so fun hanging out - from statue hide-and-seek, to relays and races, to making delicious food - it's been a blast. See you back at the Kids Space! 



For families who are unable to make it in-person, we'll still be offering at-home discussion questions to Blue Sky middle schoolers in One Eighty. Questions and curriculum will be similar to what we've been doing, so 3rd-5th graders are welcome to check out the One Eighty webpage.

Check out the One Eighty page and discussion


Saturdays @ 5:15pm & 7:15pm

Sundays @ 9:15am & 11:15am