A great week at Kids' Summer Adventure so far!



Kids’ Summer Adventure, which started on Monday, and will continue through Thursday the 16th, has been a blast so far! Many of Blue Sky’s kids, a group of volunteers and Blue Sky staff members have been gathering at Newcastle Beach Park spending time together with their teams, learning about Jesus, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and playing on the beach!
On Monday, we learned about what it means to follow Jesus and we read from the Bible in Luke when Jesus asked Simon-Peter to let down their nets and catch men instead of fish; the pastors used a fun example by throwing a net over the kids to “catch” them – but it helped the kids to see what it means to follow Jesus and wanting our friends to also follow Jesus.


On Tuesday, we read about Martha and Mary and how important it is to give Jesus our attention. During the Bible teaching, we had someone distract the pastor who was teaching, and we talked how important it was to ignore distractions and how much we should focus on Jesus.
The weather has been gorgeous and the kids have loved playing in the sand and the water; the next two days are sure to be filled with more friendships, Bible teaching, and fun activities. We have so much expectation for Jesus to continue to show up, teach, and have these truths root deep in their hearts! Kids’ Summer Adventure is such a special time!



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