Blue Sky Kids Begins Pilot Project


You may be wondering, what does Knowing Right vs. Wrong exactly have to do with the kids program, and what does all of this mean for my kids?  

It's simple! We're trying a few new things with the 3 years - Kindergarten class & 1st-5th Grade class at Blue Sky this fall. As your kids are beginning a new school year, they will also be beginning a revamped structure on Sundays . . . a structure geared towards engaging your kids and setting the stage for God to truly impact them!  Knowing Right vs. Wrong is a huge deal over the course of their lives. Being able to decipher the truth and the right way to respond will have a profound impact on your kids year after year.

Our amazing teachers and assistants will be with your kids every Sunday this fall, getting to know them, leading them, and instilling this simple message: God's plan for your life is relevant, it is real, and it is right! Knowing Right vs. Wrong (and looking to the Bible as truth and for guidance) is the roadmap you could say; it directs their decisions and choices that they would have an internal GPS telling them how they ought to live.


Saturdays @ 5:15pm

Sundays @ 9:15am & 11:15am