How much is your pinky finger worth?

   If someone came up to you today and offered you twenty thousand dollars for your pinky finger, would you take them up on it? How about one hundred thousand dollars? How about for one million? Snip! Some might be tempted if the price were high enough; that is, until they see the shears come out and cold sharp steel surrounding their little digit. The attitude would most likely change and a shout of “NO! My pinky is priceless!” would ring out. A seemingly un-essential part of our body, that has a minimally vital role to our overall well-being; yet we put exceeding value on its presence and participation as a member of our body. We VALUE our pinky's!

   This is exactly how Jesus sees individual members of His church; no matter how “important” their gifting or role is in the functioning of the whole body. Jesus sees each member as immensely valuable. Imagine what it would do in the life of the church if those with less vital roles to play understood the great value they are as a part of the whole. We’d have a lot more people content following Jesus in the role God has appointed them to play and administering God's grace in it's various forms effectively as the apostle Paul teaches. Paul helps us unpack these thoughts in 1 Corinthians 12 as he describes individual roles of a Christian in Jesus’ church.

   If you’ve missed the last month of our series “Being Part of a Church”, I encourage you to catch it online here. I hope it will have profound impact as you're learning about Jesus, or being reminded about your role in His church.



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