Kids Summer Adventure 2016: Day 4


Our last day of camp was filled with so much fun, joy, sun, and lots of friendships! The 9-11 year old group did a fun ice cream relay, making their own ice cream by running back and forth in order for the rock salt to do its’ work! The 6-8 year old group had their final “spy” mission that was a culmination of other activities they did the previous three days! And the 4 & 5 year old group made their own telescopes and went on a scavenger hunt to find missing items.


The bible teaching from staff pastor Aaron Wang was from Matthew 8 about the faith of a centurion. The kids learned what it means to have joy in Jesus even in our times of need.

This year’s camp was a wonderful one and we can’t wait for next year!


Saturdays @ 5:15pm

Sundays @ 9:15am & 11:15am