Kids Summer Adventure 2017


Day 1: 

Kids Summer Adventure is off to a great start! The sunshine, friends, and activities made for a fun day. Our theme this year is “Discovering God’s Deep Love” and one of our pastors, Gabe Chan taught about Jesus calming the storm. The kids discovered God’s deep love for them by knowing and believing His power. We’re excited for the rest of the week!



Day 2:

Today was a great day in the sunshine at Kids Summer Adventure! Landon Young taught from the bible today about Jesus walking on water and how we discover God’s love for us by trusting Him. We had fun activities for the groups today; the Pre-K class did an obstacle course, the K-2nd class decorated sun catchers and the 3rd-5th class made giant bubbles! 


Day 3:

Kids Summer Adventure continued today with an activity — decorating a picture frame with a team photo! The team names this year are: The Green Frogs (Pre-K), The Unicorn Falcons (K-2nd), and The Thunder Birds (3rd-5th). Today Gabe taught about Jonah and the whale, and the memory verse the kids are working on this week is from Romans 5:8 - but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


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 Day 4:

Our last day of Kid's Summer Adventure was filled with so much fun! Today, to end the week of underwater adventures, we had a treasure hunt! The kids were divided into 5 teams and had a map with missing pieces they needed to find by completing team obstacles. The bible teaching from Landon was from Luke 5 when Jesus calls the First Disciples. The kids learned that God loves them and how He wants them to be a part of His plan. What a great time, can’t wait for next year!



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