Lunar New Year Party 2013

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The annual Lunar New Year party was a blast!  This year's theme was "Asian Night Market", where we featured foods from different Asian countries, each bringing their own distinct flavor.  And bring it they did! 

The auditorium was transformed into a makeshift night market, complete with 5 countries, 8 booths, 19 dishes, and over 27 chefs and cooks.  Steam from the burning stoves and hotpots, along with the aroma from the different dishes, filled the auditorium, making it a symphony of culinary delight.  The "Malaysian Mob" featured Nasi Lemak, while Team Rising Sun brought Japanese curry and Yakisoba.  Team China had a strong showing wth stir-fried lettuce with oyster sause and scrambled egg and shrimp.The Korean Krew was not to be outdone with multiple entries like Bulgogi, Dukbokki, and Jabchae.  Finally, Team Taiwan, from which the "Night Market" theme was originally inspired, rounded out the strong contenders with multiple traditional night market dishes like minced meat rice, grass jelly soup, and of course, the now-famous bubble tea.  And that's hardly a complete list of dishes from the night!

The party was a huge success because of all the hard work that dozens of volunteers had put in.  Like the disciples who "broke bread in their homes, and received their food with glad and generous hearts (Acts 2:46)," the chefs and cooks sacrificed their time and energy to serve the church and the community by making their delicious dishes with a touch of love. From all the chefs and cooks who made all of the dishes in their homes, to everyone who came in early to decorate or stayed late to clean up, this year's Lunar New Year Party was a true team effort.  This has the potential to become a tradition unlike any other.

This year's party was one for the ages, and we look forward to celebrating with everyone again next Lunar New Year!  Excited to see what God has in store!

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