Lunar New Year 2017


Another year, another great party! We celebrated the Year of the Rooster with over 500 of our closest friends this past Friday night at the annual Lunar New Year Party.

This year’s party featured some classic favorites like Malaysian Coconut Chicken and Fried Chicken Adobo, but also included some hot new entries like Taiwanese pork burger (Gua Bao) and Japanese Mochi Ice cream. If taste buds had a heaven, I’m pretty sure they got a “taste” of it last night!




What I love most about this party is the fact that so many people are so eager to help serve. From doctors to teachers, programmers to students, for one night everyone was a host and a chef, all to show love and hospitality to the community in the name of Jesus. Those who didn’t cook helped with setup, clean-up, and everything in between. So many people gave up their precious PTO to help make this party the amazing success it was.

This has been the biggest Lunar New Year Party as of yet, and we look forward to many more to come!




Saturdays @ 5:15pm

Sundays @ 9:15am & 11:15am