The Blue Sky Series

We offer the Blue Sky Series to help you understand who we are and to help you mature as a follower of Jesus. Whether you've been a Christian for years or you're just learning about Jesus, we think you'll find the Blue Sky Series helpful. Each month we offer one session in the series, and the sessions may be taken in any order. The series is held from 1-3 pm, and lunch is served so you don't have to leave after the service to grab something to eat. You can register by e-mailing us at (free childcare and a lunch is always available for children who are pre-registered).

When you've completed the Blue Sky Series and our Membership Bible Training classes, if you've found that Blue Sky Church is a good fit for you, we invite you to consider making us your church home through membership.


Here's some more information about each session:



Learning what we believe and how we live it

People believe all different kinds of things when it comes to religion and spirituality. This session is designed to teach you the basic Christian principles we believe and live by at Blue Sky. It's about our theology on the Trinity, what we believe about Jesus, the purpose of the Church, how we remain culturally relevant while theologically conservative, and many other foundational truths that are important for us as Christians to be grounded in.



Growing in forgiveness and maturity

We all take different paths in life. Many of them lead us through hurt, shame, pain, and regret (sometimes through no fault of our own). You will learn that time doesn't heal every wound, it simply scars many of them over. This session of the Blue Sky Series looks at the transformation Jesus does in us as we learn to follow and trust Him. It's about transparency, being known, being healed, maturing spiritually, and ultimately giving Jesus freedom to do what He wants in us.



Discovering your spiritual gifts and how to use them

Every follower of Jesus has been given spiritual gifts. According to the Bible, spiritual gifts are given to us by Jesus for the common good of the church. The goal is that we would be equipped to help one another grow to maturity and become the people, and the church, that Jesus intends us to be. This session of the Blue Sky Series will help you discover more about your spiritual gifts and how to use them through serving. If you're interested in serving somewhere at Blue Sky, this session will help you know the various areas where you might be able to serve and what might be a good fit for you.



Understanding involvement at Blue Sky Church

Everyone needs to have real relationships in their lives to do well. This session of the Blue Sky Series focuses on being connected in relationship to the people that make up the church body, and about the importance of membership in a local church. The church isn't supposed to just be something we go to on Sundays, it's what we are every day.


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