Kids Vision

At Blue Sky Church, we believe that Jesus has called us to cultivate a community of kids who would know God in a real, living, and active way. Our program is designed to help kids follow Jesus in a relevant, safe, and fun environment, and to build strong friendships with one other.

Families play the most important role in the discipleship of children, and we want Blue Sky to be a place where families can learn, grow, and find encouragement together.



Jasmine Yip

Kids Director


Jasmine is our full-time Kids Director. She leads our Blue Sky Kids volunteers and is in charge of running all of our Sunday kids programs from newborn through 5th grade.


What to Expect

The Blue Sky Kids Program is open to children from newborns through 5th grade. For kids older than 5th grade, please check out our Youth Vision page. 

Bible Teaching

We want kids to learn about the Bible in a way that is fun, relevant, and easy for them to understand. Each class has dedicated time to read the Bible, with related crafts and age-appropriate activities. The monthly topics are generally the same as our Small Groups so that parents and kids have more opportunities to talk about the Bible at home.


Praying is an essential part of building a relationship with God. Our teachers will lead and model what it looks like to pray and talk to Jesus with expectation and faith. The hope is that kids will experience the Holy Spirit as we pray for one another.


We believe in developing deep and genuine relationships with others in the church. We want your kids to build great friendships that will encourage them to grow in their faith. The scheduled classroom activities are intentional to help kids connect with one another as well as the teachers.


Worship is an important part of following Jesus, and we incorporate it in different ways in the classrooms. In our younger classrooms, kids will learn to sing and praise God through various songs and dances. Our older classrooms on occasion may join the adults in the auditorium, or a teacher may lead a few songs. 


Our Current Health Guidelines 

Parents should screen kids prior to attending church and kids should not attend if any of the following is true:

Child has symptoms of any illnesses 48 hours before attending services, including:

  • Fever
  • Sniffles or Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Rash
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Check the Blue Sky Kids Health Policy for additional details and information.


We're looking forward to seeing you! 



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