Our Network

Blue Sky Church is part of a small network of church-planting churches that strive to obey Jesus' mission to make disciples in each of their cities. Together, we are like-minded in doctrine and style, yet not a denomination. We are friends who support and encourage each other, start new churches, and follow Jesus together.

Brookfield Church: Athens, Ohio
Cedar Heights Church: State College, Pennsylvania
Clear River Church: Lafayette, Indiana
Foundation Church: Normal, Illinois
Highrock Church: Bloomington, Indiana
Hills Church: Pullman, Washington
Rock Hills Church: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Vine Church: Carbondale, Illinois
Summit Creek Church: Eugene, Oregon
Valley Springs Church: Corvallis, Oregon
Oaks Church: Muncie, Indiana
Vista Church: San Luis Obispo, California
North Pines Church: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Vida Springs Church: Gainesville, Florida
Christland Church: College Station, Texas
Joshua: Austin, Texas
Bright Field: DeKalb, Illinois
Rock River: San Marcos, Texas
Roots Church: Taipei, Taiwan
Hosea Church: Raleigh, North Carolina
South Grove Church: Athens, Georgia
Mountain Heights Church: Morgantown, West Virginia
Stoneway Church: Reading, England, UK
Ascent Church: Blacksburg, Virginia
Isaiah Church: Madison, Wisconsin

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9:15am & 11:15am